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How to choose the perfect Champagne for New Year’s Eve

I feel like we always have this moment when we are going out to pick up a bottle of Champagne , and we just stand there, we stare at all the bottles and we don’t know what to look or what to buy for New Year’s Eve for our friend’s or family house party. I decided to bring you some ideas as well as some important definitions that you need to know before you get your bubbles for your big night.…

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Bon Vivant Mixology

The Perfect Cocktail Tools for the Holidays

The holidays are approaching and we want you to  be the best host during this precious time of the year. In order to have the complete kit for crafting trendy cocktails and drinks at home,  this tool check list will help…

Bon Vivant Mixology

Happy Hour with Pimm’s No.1

The holidays are approaching really fast and we want you to be prepared. So here is a an excellent cocktail idea to treat your guests like they deserve it. For this cocktail you’ll need a bottle of Pimms’s No…