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Bon Vivant Restaurant Reviews

Evoo for Brunch

This restaurant has been around for 2 years, but we had yet never tried it… So when I was looking for a place to have brunch this weekend, I thought this would be different than my usual brunch spots.…

Bon Vivant Restaurant Reviews

Copper Branch Power Foods

There has been a big change in the fast food industry in recent years and Copper Branch should be a new addition to your fast food go-to places with its 100% vegan menu. Copper Branch is designed to provide…

Bon Vivant Restaurant Reviews

Thazard Bistro

It had been a while since we took a day off together, so we finally took the Friday before Thanksgiving off… We had great plans, which were quickly forgotten as it was rainy and cold outside. So we braved…

Bon Vivant Coffee Shops

Myriade coffee shop

As you may now, the perfect couple loves coffee so we decided to create a post about one of our favorite coffee shop’s in Montreal: Myriade. Owned by Anthony Benda, a renowned coffee guru. Myriade currently has 3 locations:…

Bon Vivant Mixology

How to mix the perfect Mojito!

    Ingredients:   2 parts Bacardi Blanco (White) ½ fresh lime fresh mint leaves 2  sugar spoons Sparkling water Cubed or Crushed ice Garnish: Sprig of Fresh Mint   How to mix Put the four lime wedges into a…

Bon Vivant

Vino of the week

      El Grand Bonhomme 2007 Quebec Winemaker Nathalie Bonhomme  presents us a Spanish wine with a French name called El Grand Bonhomme 2007 100% Tempranillo Go check it out, Available at SAQ stores in Quebec click here for…