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What to do in Mont-Tremblant in 1 day

Every year during the summer we  spend at least a week-end in Tremblant to relax and get away from the city. This time it was a bit different, with all the wedding preparations we were a kind of busy and we decided to go to Tremblant only for one day. Here is the perfect couple’s guide on what to do in Tremblant during the summer in only 1 day: Avoid traffic and head to Mont Tremblant early in the morning,…

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Dominican Republic Travel

The Dominican Adventure

During the holidays we had the opportunity to visit Punta Cana, after a busy 2016 we needed to take some time off, get some quality time with the family and Punta Cana turned out to be just the medicine needed to…

Chicago Travel

The PerfectCouple Guide to CHICAGO

For Victoria day week-end back in May, my girlfriend and I visited Chicago and we immediately fall in love with the city. On a Friday morning, we took off from Montreal really early in the morning and got to…

Canada Toronto Travel

3 day week-end in Toronto

At the begining of the summer  we had the opportunity to visit the city of Toronto. This wasn’t our first time in the 6ix, but every time we spend some days in this beautiful city, we absolutely love it.…

Travel US vermont

Week-end getaway in Burlington, Vermont

Last week-end we decided to take a road trip to Vermont with our friends and we had a blast. On Saturday morning we packed our stuff really early and we headed to North Beach which is situated  at Champlain Lake…

Canada Niagara Falls Travel

Niagara Falls Photo Diary

A couple of weeks ago,  I had the opportunity to visit  Niagara Falls while I was on business. During my whole stay I had a really busy schedule, conferences during the day and a couple of events at night,…

Mexico Mexico City Travel

The 2016 Mexico City travel guide

When I  watched the new James Bond movie “Spectre”, there was something about that first scene in the streets of the Centro Historico in Mexico City that made me realize that I needed to  post a full travel guide of my…

Costa Rica Travel

Where to stay in Costa Rica

Since we received a lot of requests to get the full itinerary about our most recent trip to Costa Rica,  here is the full travel guide on what to do, where to stay and where to eat during your 15…

Costa Rica Travel

Pura Vida: Costa Rica

      This is our 2nd blog post on Costa Rica and we are really excited to present you some of the pictures of our most recent trip to this beautiful country. We will post some of our recommendations…