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How to make the perfect healthy smoothie bowl

In 2016 I told myself that I needed to eat healthier, so I thought about sharing this recipe with you. The healthy smoothie bowl is a great way to add fresh fruits to your daily diet and feel good about yourself while eating clean. The power healthy smoothie bowl option it’s always great for breakfast, to start your day right or for a late brunch during the week-end. I would also recommend this bowl before or after a good workout, to get…

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How to run and what to wear for winter running

I know it’s really hard to stay motivated and also to stay in shape during the winter, the days become darker and colder, and it is easier to stay under the sheets and watch a movie rather than get…

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The perfect green smoothie

We always try to start our day right in a healthy way. Early in the morning when we are in a rush to go to work or before our yoga class on week ends, we always opt for a…


Hiking the Mont St-Hilaire

Tired of climbing Mont Royal all the time, Looking for a great new hiking destination near the city of Montreal. Well here is a great idea, grab your running shoes and drive to Mont St-Hilaire. Only 40 -45 min…