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Griffintown’s newest addition: Le Fantôme

Le Fantôme

We have been living in Griffintown for more than a year, so we take a special interest in restaurants opening in our neighborhood. The most recent addition is the restaurant Le Fantôme with the collaboration of Kabir Kapoor (whose family owns Montreal’s top Indian restaurant Le Taj) and chef Jason Morris (Grumman, Milos, Geist in Copenhagen and Corton in New York). The name refers to an urban legend which states that a ghost (Mary Gallagher) still haunts the streets of Griffintown in search of the head she lost in 1879…

The restaurant is located on William, at corner of Seigneurs, next to the Montreal Art Center. We used to pass by this place almost every day to go to our yoga studio, and one day, we noticed that a new restaurant had opened in this small and narrow room. It is easy to miss as there is only a small sign on a door and the room is somewhat dark. However, you will notice the candles and then you’ll see a restaurant full of people. Whether it’s a Saturday or a Tuesday, this place is always crowded, which is always a good sign!

Le fantôme

The majority of dishes are under $20 and are small plates to share (2 to 3 plates per person is perfect in my opinion). After receiving a complementary celeriac taco, we started the meal with a foie gras sandwich with peanut butter and jelly sandwich on a brioche (my personal favorite). We then ordered the scallops with pork belly, homemade pasta with a squash puree (for a 10$ extra you can add truffles), beef with truffles and salsifies and a modified Osso Bucco which had a potato instead of the usual bone. At the end, we ordered a  cheese platter and also deserts (we tried the ice cream sandwich and hazelnut phyllo dough) were also excellent!

Foie gras sandwich

Scallops with pork belly


I have to say that I was really impressed with the quality and creativity of the dishes! One of the best restaurants in the neighborhood!

The restaurant only holds about 30 seats, please make sure to reserve!

The quality of the food, the charming staff and the vibe of the place made this experience incredible.

1832 William


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