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Happy Hour with Pimm’s No.1

pimm's cocktailPimms cocktail

The holidays are approaching really fast and we want you to be prepared. So here is a an excellent cocktail idea to treat your guests like they deserve it. For this cocktail you’ll need a bottle of Pimms’s No 1 which is most popular in England, particularly southern England. It is one of the two staple drinks at the Wimbledon tennis tournament besides Champagne of course,  It is also extremely popular at the summer garden parties of British universities.

Here is what you need to create the perfect Pimm’s cocktail:

Serves 1:

1 oz of lemon juice
2 oz Pimm\’s No. 1
3 oz Perrier sparkling water
1 long Cucumber slice
2 lemon slices
1 tea spoon of Maple Syrup

First add all the ingredients to a highball glass filled with ice and stir to combine.
Pour cocktail using a Julep strainer into an old-fashioned glass, add 1 ice cube and garnish with a long cucumber slice.

(To mix things up a bit or if you don’t like maple syrup, you can replace it with Sprite, 7Up or ginger ale.

Cheers !!!!!!!!!

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