How to dress like a gentleman in 30 seconds

I recently discovered this beautiful app where you can pick your outfit for the day without even thinking about it. Forget about those 15 min or more that you spend every morning looking for your clothes to mix and match the best outfit for your day at the office. Imagine you wake up in the morning and your outfit is just there waiting for you with a click of a button. Yes you hear me well, Mylo will survey your closet for you, go through over more than a 1000 possibilities and recommend you an outfit depending on the occasion and/or even the temperature. If you think you don’t have enough clothes to make you look right, you can even shop online to get the Mylo essentials.

Ok Mylo

What are you waiting for? just follow the steps , have some fun and dress like a real man: First download the app on the iTunes Store, then select your style and update your wardrobe. Wether you are going on a date or just a regular day at the office Mylo will be there to back you up and help you look like a real gentleman all the time.

Ok Mylo

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