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We recently tried this new addition in Griffintown, the Hvor (Danish word for “where” pronounced without the “h”). The restaurant has been opened since May and is located on Notre-Dame West, where we used to have the Brigade Volante. The interior has an industrial feel, almost Scandinavian I would say, with white walls and beautiful chairs, and a few touches of black here and there. The bar is quite beautiful also, but the best part of this restaurant is probably the terrace outside. On the terrace, there is only one table available for a group of about 8, but the rest is used as a garden where they grow lots of veggies and herbs (they will also have their own honey at some point). We were lucky enough to visit the place and to taste the herbs directly from the garden, which was an awesome experience for a “downtown” restaurant.

The restaurant crew includes Nadim Bonni (principal – ex La Champagnerie), Valentin Van Beek (manager – also from La Champagnerie), S’Arto Chartier Otis (chef – before Soubois and Balnea Spa), Janice Tiefenbach (sous-chef – ex Nora Gray), Erik Champagne (pâtissier – prior H4C) and Alexis Chalifoux (front-of-house manager – before: Bice, Globe and much more).

Hvor doesn’t have a menu as they will usually use the available ingredients depending on the season; they only cook with local ingredients. So you can either choose between a 3-course tasting menu or 5 courses. You can also opt for the wine pairing at an extra cost. The first time we went we did the 3 courses, the food was so tasty and original, that we kind of regretted not trying the 5 courses. All the plates were exquisite, with different tastes and a perfect presentation.

The second time we visited this place, we brought the whole family, we took the 5 course meal and the experience was even more incredible,  from  mustard ice cream to eggplants with pistachios and anchovies, this place has something different to offer. I would definitely recommend you to try this new spot if you like the adventure of trying something new and not deciding what you’re going to eat next. HVOR has to be on your to do list this summer.

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1414 Notre Dame W. Montréal, (QC)

514 937 20


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