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Kitsuné Espresso Bar, Griffintown

You have probably heard about Kitsuné Espresso Bar from their famous spot on the corner of St-Laurent and Prince Arthur, but recently I saw some pictures on social media about their second location in Griffintown and I was really excited. Located  in the Lowney condo development, on the the corner of Ottawa and Shannon street, the newest coffee shop addition in Griffintown offers a quiet atmosphere, very good wi-fi and of course great coffee with a  selection of pastries and sandwiches.

Kitsuné Espresso Bar is beautifully designed, the combination of white walls, wood structures and a slightly touch of green patterns all over the space makes the interior really neat and clean. The “Kitsuné”logo  spelt out in lights on the back wall makes the decor very industrial and vintage at the same time. The  minimalist decor really stands out and the lighting is also stunning.

I am so happy that we have another option to grab a good cup of coffee and chill during the week-ends, this is exactly what the neighborhood needed. So if you are in the area make sure you pass by Kitsuné, and don’t worry, Kitsuné offers interior bike parking also.

Kitsuné, GriffintownKitsuné, Griffintown Kitsuné, GriffintownKitsuné, Griffintown


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