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Little Burgundy’s best coffee shop: Lili & Oli


Lili & Oli

lili & oliLili & Oli Lili & Oli


I took a couple of days off for the holidays and last week I decided to do some research on our next trip to Thailand while enjoying a nice cup of coffee at Lili & Oli’s new location. I know this coffee shop it’s been there for more than 10 years, but I really like their new space.
Located on 2713 Notre Dame west, this beautiful coffee shop offers a great place to chill in a warm environnement and of course good coffee. Lili & Oli is well decorated with industrial stools, lamps and vintage chairs, everything seems to be well thought. If you go by yourself, I will recommend to sit In the back of the store or sit at the bar, high wood tables with really comfortable stools, and you’ll get the whole view of the store and the street.
I took a big latte and I was not disappointed, the baristas are really nice and welcoming people, they seem to be enjoying what they are doing. The barista served my latte and stir the milk right in front of me and he used this particular technique that I have never seen before, which involved turning the glass clockwise two times and the result at the end it’s a really cool!!! (See picture)

Like any coffee shop, they also offer pastries (muffins, crioissants, chocolatines, etc.) Salads and sandwiches during lunch time. I stayed for about 2h and I was really impressed on the amount of people that visited this place.

There are also enough sits for everyone, at least 30 sitting spots, so don’t be afraid to pass by and enjoy the “ambiance” and of course a cup of coffee.  Wether you are meeting a friend or getting some work done, Lili & Oli is on the best coffee spots in Little Burgundy. Bring cash, because they don’t accept debit or credit card, which is really rare these days.

2713 Rue Notre Dame O
Montreal, Quebec


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