Must Societé, Griffintown

We posted in December an article on where you should buy your furniture in Griffintown, since I feel there are lots of interesting options in the neighbourhood: West Elm, EQ3, Item, etc. And the reason is quite simple: with all the new condos around, it was much needed. So you will be pleased to hear that you will now have another option for where to shop, which is the new Must. Must is located on Peel (close to Wellington) and only has a smaller banner on the outside so be careful not to miss it…. However, we you step inside, the story is totally different as designer Louis Gagnon from Paprika did a magnificent work. The space is open and vast and more importantly, kept its industrial beauty!

Must is the newest baby of Maison Corbeil, and is a completely new concept. This one-stop shop has everything: the Bête à Pain Bakery (see recent post for more details), a florist shop nammed Prune-Les-Fleurs, a section for audiovisual by Fillion Électronique, a large space for Ligne Roset (high end French brand) and outdoor furniture by Jardin de Ville. We also heard that they will likely be inviting local chefs to give cooking classes in the Steam cuisine. So as I said, you can find everything in a single visit.

As the Must collection prices are more affordable than other furniture you can usually find at Maison Corbeil, this will fit perfectly in the area. They really understood what Griffintown is about and reflected the spirit in the shop, for which I am really grateful!

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Must, GriffintownMust, GriffintownMust, GriffintownMust, Griffintown

186 rue Peel, Griffintown.

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