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Thazard Bistro

Thazard bistro

It had been a while since we took a day off together, so we finally took the Friday before Thanksgiving off… We had great plans, which were quickly forgotten as it was rainy and cold outside. So we braved the rain and went to discover this new trendy part of the city on Saint Laurent, between Laurier Avenue and St-Viateur. When looking for lunch ideas, I remembered some of my colleagues suggesting a new Japonese bistro named Thazard. Thazard was born a few months ago thanks to Edward Zaki (Chez Victoire, BarBounya) and Dave Schmidt (Maïs, Maison Sociale) with the help of chef Hachiro Fujise.

The place has an industrial look and you can eat either in a discreet booth or in the main area to feel the buzz of the restaurant. We had the Spicy Ramen with pork stock, habanero, miso, pork and cilantro (it is actually quite spicy) and the Tonkotsu ramen that has pork stock, egg, nori, pork, soy, green onions and charred leek oil. Both were really good and it was really affordable! The place is also famous for its cocktails and the fact that the kitchen closes at 2:00 am.

Great place to check out if you’re in the neighborhood.

5329 Boulevard Saint-Laurent
H2T 1S5, Montréal, Québec, Canada

Thazard 1

Window view

Spicy Ramen

Spicy Ramen

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