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The best Japanese restaurant in Montreal: Kazu


We used to pass by this place every day when we used to live downtown… And every single day, you could see a constant line up in front of this small facade on Ste-Catherine… So one day, we decided to brave the line-up and try this Japanese place named Kazu. And it’s been a love story ever since! On nights when we are  too lazy to cook, we call right after work, get there, skip the line up and get our tuna tartare bowl (yes they do pick-up!!!)…

I brought one of my friends to eat there this week, and I decided that, even though this place has been around for quite some time, maybe some of you had forgotten or just don’t know this place. The food is amazing and the place has a comfortable feel. Among my favorite plates, the 48 hours pork bowl (a bowl of rice topped with sliced pork simmered in soy sauce based mildly sweet sauce), the Crispy BBQ chicken tortilla salad, the tuna and salmon tartar bowl and the pork neck (grilled meat with bone). On the wall, you will also have different specials, but if you see the lobster plate, you must try it! We also tried the Yuzu beer (beer mixed with Yuzu, a citrus fruit found in Japan), which was excellent.

Plates are between 10 and 20$, and are easy to share I suggest that you sit at the bar to have a look at how they operate in this small open kitchen (but be aware it gets hot with the grill nearby)… If you visit the Kazu on a Sunday, you should also try their homemade tofu.

Clearly my favorite spot for Japanese food!

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