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The best soup in Montreal: Satay Brothers

Satay Brothers

For those who know us pretty well, you probably know that we don’t like to go to the same restaurants multiple times, as we like to try different places to explore what Montreal has to offer. However, I kind of make an exception for this one, as I could pretty much eat there every day! You probably know the Satay Brothers from their popular stand at the Atwater Market during summer. The lineup can get heavy during lunch hour on weekends, but if you ask me, it is very much worth it!

Born from a Singaporean mother, Alex and Mat Winnicki are recognized for their Singaporean food. From the Laksa soup made of coconut milk, shrimp, bean sprouts, fried tofu, hard-boiled egg and noodles (with a spicy paste in a spoon) to the pork buns or the papaya salad, everything is delicious. Other items in the menu include satay sandwiches, salads (gado-gado), noodles (Char Kuay Teow or Meegoreng), etc.

In the summer, visit their stand at the Atwater Market to enjoy a nice meal on a picnic table while sipping a Creemore beer. Year-round, visit their new location in Saint-Henri on Notre-Dame (a couple of blocks west of Atwater). The staff is really friendly and it looks like they are having fun at what they are doing, this is also why this place is pretty special. Their new location is also perfect for large (or small) groups! You will probably even see us at the bar eating a Laksa Lemak soup a and drinking a Creemore J

3721 Notre-Dame Ouest, Montreal

Satay Brothers

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Satay Bros

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