The Perfect Christmas Decoration

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Last week we decided to kick off our Christmas spirit, and started decorating our space. My girlfriend already had lots of Christmas decorations before we moved in together so  we didn’t need much except for our Christmas tree which we bought last year.

Last Friday night we went down to our locker, where we store all our Christmas decorations and we brought everything upstairs to start  decorating our condo. When we finished installing our tree and placing all the gifts in the bottom of the tree, we kind of felt that our tree was a bit empty, so we decided to  visit our favorite decoration store (West Elm) in Griffintown and  bought some more ornaments for our tree.  The funny part is that when we got home we opened some boxes and we found more ornaments, the same ornaments that were on the Christmas tree display at  the store,  so now  we are full of ornaments and our tree looks really nice!!!!

To place the cherry on top of the cake,  we also bought a diffuser with pine, cedar and sandalwood scent that I truly recomend. Since our tree is not natural, we were missing that scent, the reed diffuser spreads the holiday ambiance in our space,  so now every time that we get home it’s smells awesome, it’s begining to smell a lot like Christmas!!!!. All jokes aside,  this is the perfect festive fragrance for your home. It could be an easy gift idea for the holiday’s too.


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