How to run and what to wear for winter running

How to stay fit during the winterHow to survive 5k winter runsHow to survive 5k winter runsHow to survive 5k winter runsHow to run and what to wear fro wintter runningHow to stay fit during winterHow to stay fit during the winter

I know it’s really hard to stay motivated and also to stay in shape during the winter, the days become darker and colder, and it is easier to stay under the sheets and watch a movie rather than get your work out done. I’ve decided to post this article to convince you to change your mentality and to show you how nice it is to get outside and enjoy the outdoors from December to March up North.

Since I’ve moved to Montreal, I’ve a hard time training during the winter, but now that it’s been a couple of years since that I started jogging, I’ve realized how much I need to excercise and run outdoors even during cold weather to clear my mind. For me the best time to jog is when it’s actually snowing, the temperature hits  between  0 C to -5C and it’s the perfect weather to get out there. When it is really cold -20 C or more, I hit the treadmill down at the lobby while watching Sport Centre or something.

The first 2 minutes of your run, It might not be fun, I’m not going to lie to you it will be cold, but once you’ll start sweating you’ll feel so good that you’ll forget that is winter. forget  about speed  because it gets slippery outside and you got to be careful, make sure to plant your feet strongly in every stride and go a bit slower than the usual. Try to run in the sidewalks, they usually remove the snow often, so there is no black ice accumulated, so you’ll be fine.

During the chilly winters in Montreal, when temperatures drop you’ve got to layer up to avoid bone-chilling so make sure you dress warm. You’ll need a pair of winter leggings, they are a bit pricy but it’s worth it, you won’t feel the cold wind blowing directly at your legs. For my upper body, when it gets really cold, I would wear a vest inside my jacket, in that way I’ll make sure I’ll stay warm at all times, even before I start running. To keep my feet warm, I personally wear thick socks in this way I don’t feel the cold on my feet, some people might tell you to buy wool socks, but I feel you kind of loose the”swag” if you go with that choice. In terms of running shoes, I stick with Nike Running Free or my Lunar Fly.

Don’t forget to wear gloves, covering your hands is extremely important. Worst case scenario if you feel like your hands are warm enough while you’re running, you can remove your gloves and put them back in your pockets. I have 3 pairs of running gloves, ones that I call the “Fall” gloves for mild temperatures, a bit thinner but they’ll do the job. And the other 2 for below zero temperatures.


MEN COLD GEAR by @nike

How to stay fit during winter

MEN COLD GEAR by @lululemon

Lululemon winter gear men

WOMEN COLD GEAR by @lululemon

Lululemon winter gear woman


Nike Run Gear Women

What are you waiting for, get out there, sweat and enjoy the view.




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